Week #115; Wed, Mar 11: Hosea 4:1–14:9


Hosea 4, The Lord Accuses Israel

I. KEY TEXT: “Hear the word of the Lord, O children of Israel, for the Lord has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land. There is no faithfulness or steadfast love, and no knowledge of God in the land; there is swearing, lying, murder, stealing, and committing adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed.” (4:1-2)

A. INFERENCE: “Therefore the land mourns, and all who dwell in it languish, and also the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens, and even the fish of the sea are taken away.” (4:3)

1. FINDINGS: “Yet let no one contend, and let none accuse, for with you is my contention, O priest. You shall stumble by day; the prophet also shall stumble with you by night; and I will destroy your mother.” (4:5)

2. CRITERIA: “After a period of prosperity (before 722BC), this prosperity brought moral decay, and Israel forsook God to worship idols.” (4:10-13) The Lord’s love tolerates no rivals.

3. CONDITION: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” (4:6)

4. CAUSE: “The more they  increased, the more they sinned against me; I will change their glory into shame. They feed on the sin of my people; they are greedy for their iniquity.” (4:7-8)

5. EFFECT: “And it shall be like people, like priest; I will punish them for their ways and repay them for their deeds. (4:9)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Return to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 5, Punishment Coming for Israel and Judah

I. KEY TEXT: “Their deeds do not permit them to return to their God. For the spirit of whoredom is within them, and they know not the Lord.” (5:4)

A. INFERENCE: “The pride of Israel testifies to his face; Israel and Ephraim shall stumble in his guilt; Judah also shall stumble with them.” (5:5)

1. FINDINGS: “They have dealt faithlessly with the Lord; for they have borne alien children. Now the new moon shall devour them with their fields. Blow the horn in Gibeah, the trumpet in Ramah. Sound the alarm at Bethaven; we follow you, O Benjamin! Ephraim shall become a desolation in the day of punishment; among the tribes of Israel I make known what is sure.” (5:7-9)

2. CRITERIA: The Lord’s love tolerates no rivals.

3. CONDITION: The princes of Judah have become like those who move the landmark; upon them I will pour out my wrath like water.” (5:10)

4. CAUSE: Moral decay, Israel forsook God to worship idols and false gods.

5. EFFECT: “For I will be like a lion to Ephraim, and like a young lion to the house of Judah. I, even I, will tear and go away; I will carry off, and no one shall rescue. I will return again to my place, until they acknowledge their guilt and seek my face, and in their distress earnestly seek me.” (5:14-15)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Return to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 6, Israel and Judah Are Unrepentant

I. KEY TEXT: “Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him.” (6:1-3)

A. INFERENCE: “What shall I do with you, O Ephraim? What shall I do with you, O Judah? Your love is like a morning cloud, like the dew that goes early away.” (6:4)

1. FINDINGS: “But like Adam they transgressed the covenant; there they dealt faithlessly with me.” (6:7)

2. CRITERIA: “For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.” (6:6)

3. CONDITION: “Gilead is a city of evildoers, tracked with blood. As robbers lie in wait for a man, so the priests ban together; they murder on the way to Shechem; they commit villainy. In the house of Israel I have seen a horrible thing; Ephraim’s whoredom is there; Israel is defiled.” (6:8-9)

4. CAUSE: “Israel is defiled” by going after other gods. (6:10)

5. EFFECT: Punishment by the Lord God. (6:1)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Return to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 7, I Remember All Their Evil

I. KEY TEXT: “When I would heal Israel, the iniquity of Ephraim is revealed, and the evil deeds of Samaria; for they deal falsely; the thief breaks in, and the bandits raid outside. But they do not consider that I remember all their evil. Now their deeds surround them; they are before my face” (7:1-2)

A. INFERENCE: “All their kings have fallen, and none of them calls upon me.” (7:7)

1. FINDINGS: “The pride of Israel testifies to his face; yet they do not return to the Lord their God, nor seek him, for all this.” (7:10)

2. CRITERIA: “Ephraim is like a dove, silly and without sense, calling to Egypt, going to Assyria. As they go, I will spread over them my net; I will bring them down like birds of the heavens; I will discipline them according to the report made to their congregation. Woe to them, for they have strayed from me! Destruction to them, for they have rebelled against me! I would redeem them, but they speak lies against me.” (7:11-13)

3. CONDITION: “Woe to them . . .” (7:13)

4. CAUSE: “. . . they have rebelled against me! . . . they have strayed from me!” (7:13)

5. EFFECT: “Destruction to them . . . their princes shall fall by the sword because of the insolence of their tongue.” (7:13, 16)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Return to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 8, Israel Will Reap the Whirlwind

I. KEY TEXT: “Set the trumpet to your lips! One like a vulture is over the house of the Lord, because they have transgressed my covenant and rebelled against my law.” (8:1)

A. INFERENCE: “To me they cry, ‘My God, we–Israel–know you.’ Israel has spurned the good; the enemy shall pursue him.” (8:2)

1. FINDINGS: “They made kings, but not through me. They set up princes, but I knew it not. With their silver and gold they made idols for their own destruction. I have spurned your calf, O Samaria. My anger burns against them. How long will they be incapable of innocence?” (8:4-5)

2. CRITERIA: “Were I to write for him my laws by the ten thousands, they would be regarded as a strange thing.” (8:12)

3. CONDITION: “For it is from Israel; a craftsman made it; it is not God. The calf of Samaria shall be broken to pieces.” (8:6)

4. CAUSE: “The anger of the Lord burns against them.” (8:5)

5. EFFECT: “Israel is swallowed up; already they are among the nations as a useless vessel.” (8:8)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Return to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 9, The Lord Will Punish Israel

I. KEY TEXT: “Rejoice not, O Israel! Exult not like the peoples; for you have played the whore, forsaking you God. You have loved a prostitute’s wages on all threshing floors.” (9:1)

A. INFERENCE: “Threshing floor and wine vat shall not feed them, and the new wine shall fail them. They shall not remain in the land of the Lord, but Ephraim shall return to Egypt, and they shall eat unclean food in Assyria.” (9:2-3)

1. FINDINGS: “Every evil of theirs is in Gilgal; there I began to hate them. Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of my house. I will love them no more; all their princes are rebels.” (9:15)

2. CRITERIA: “My God will reject them because they have not listened to him; they shall be wanderers among the nations.” (9:17)

3. CONDITION “The days of punishment have come; the days of recompense have come; Israel shall know it. The prophet is a fool; the man of the spirit is mad, because of your great iniquity and great hatred. The prophet is the watchman of Ephraim with my God; yet a fowler’s snare is on all his ways, and hatred in the house of his God.” (9:7-8)

4. CAUSE “They have deeply corrupted themselves as in the days of Gibeah: he will remember their iniquity; he will punish their sins.” (9:9)

5. EFFECT: “I will love them no more; all their princes are rebels.” (9-15)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Turn to the Lord” (14:1)

Hosea 10, Now They Must Bear Their Guilt

I. KEY TEXT: “Their heart is false; now they must bear their guilt.” (10:2)

A. INFERENCE: “The Lord will break down their altars and destroy their pillars.” (10:2)

1. FINDINGS: “From the days of Gibeah, you have sinned, O Israel; there they have continued. Shall not the war against the unjust overtake them in Gibeah?” (10:9)

2. CRITERIA: “When I please, I will discipline them, and nations shall be gathered against them when they are bound up for their double iniquity.” (10:10)

3. CONDITION: “You have plowed iniquity; you have reaped injustice; you have eaten the fruit of lies. Because you have trusted in your own way and in the multitude of your warriors, therefore the tumult of war shall arise among your people, and all your fortresses shall be destroyed, as Shalman destroyed Beth-arbel on the day of battle; mothers were dashed in pieces with their children. Thus it shall be done to you, O Bethel, because of your great evil. At dawn the king of Israel shall be utterly cut off.” (10:13-15)

4. CAUSE: “Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up you fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you.” (10:12)

5. EFFECT: “The high places of Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be destroyed. Thorn and thistle shall grow up on their altars, and they shall say to the mountains, ‘Cover us,’ and to the hills, ‘Fall on us.'” (10:8)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Turn to the Lord” (14:1)

Hosea 11, The Lord’s Love for Israel

I. KEY TEXT: “When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.” (11:1)

A. INFERENCE: “The more they were called, the more they went away . . . ” (11:2)

1. FINDINGS: “. . . they kept sacrificing to the Baals and burning offerings to idols.” (11:2)

2. CRITERIA: “I will not execute my burning anger; I will not again destroy Ephraim; for I am God and not a man, the Holy One in your midst, and I will not come in wrath.” (11:9)

3. CONDITION: “Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk; I took them up by their arms, but they did not know that I healed them. I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them.” (11:4)

4. CAUSE: “. . . they refused to return to me.” (11:5)

5. EFFECT: “The sword shall rage against their cities, consume the bars of their gates, and devour them because of their own counsels.” (11:6)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Turn to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 12, The Lord’s Indictment of Israel and Judah

I. KEY TEXT: “The Lord has an indictment against Judah and will punish Jacob according to his deeds. In the womb he took his brother by the heel, and in his manhood he strove with God. He strove with the angel and prevailed; he wept and sought his favor. He met God at Bethel, and there God spoke with us–the Lord, the God of hosts, the Lord is his memorial name: ‘So you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God.'” (12:2-6)

A. INFERENCE: “A merchant, in whose hands are false balances, he loves to oppress.” (12:7)

1. FINDINGS: “Ephraim has said, ‘Ah, but I am rich; I have found wealth for myself; in all my labors they cannot find in me iniquity and sin.'” (12:8)

2. CRITERIA: “. . . hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God.” (12:6)

3. CONDITION: “There is iniquity in Gilead, they shall surely come to nothing: in Gilgal they sacrifice bulls; their altars also are like stone heaps on the furrows of the field.” (12:11)

4. CAUSE: “. . . sacrificing to the Baals and burning offerings to idols.” (11:2)

5. EFFECT: “Ephraim has given bitter provocation; so his Lord will leave his bloodguilt on him and will repay him for his disgraceful deeds.” (12:14)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Turn to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 13, The Lord’s Relentless Judgment on Israel

I. KEY TEXT: “When Ephraim spoke, there was trembling; he was exalted in Israel, but he incurred guilt through Baal and died.” (13:1)

A. INFERENCE: “It is said of them, ‘Those who offer human sacrifice kiss calves!’ Therefore they shall be like the morning mist or like the dew that goes early away, like the chaff that swirls from the threshing floor or like smoke from a window.” (13:2-3)

1. FINDINGS: “So I am to them like a lion; like a leopard I will lurk beside the way. I will fall upon them like a bear robbed of her cubs; I will tear open their breast, and there I will devour them like a lion, as a wild beast would rip them open.” (13:7-8)

2. CRITERIA: “He destroys you, O Israel, for you are against me, against your helper.” (13:9)

3. CONDITION: “And now they sin more and more, and make for themselves metal images, idols skillfully made of their silver, all of them the work of craftsmen.” (13:2)

4. CAUSE: “It was I who knew you in the wilderness, in the land of drought; but when they had grazed, they became full, they were filled, and their heart was lifted up; therefore they forgot me.” (13:5-6)

5. EFFECT: “Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword; their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.” (13:16)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Turn to the Lord.” (14:1)

Hosea 14, A Plea to Return to the Lord

I. KEY TEXT: “Return, O Israel, to the Lord your God, for you have stumbled because of your iniquity. ” (14:1-2)

A. INFERENCE: “Assyria shall not save us; we will not ride on horses; and we will say no more, ‘Our God,’ to the work of our hands. In you the orphan finds mercy.” (14:3)

1. FINDINGS:Take with you words and return to the Lord; say to him, ‘Take away all iniquity; accept what is good, and we will pay with bulls the vows of our lips.’” (14:2)

2. CRITERIA: “O Ephraim, what have I to do with idols? It is I who answer and look after you. I am like an evergreen cypress; from me comes your fruit. (14:8)

3. CONDITION: “They shall return and dwell beneath my shadow; they shall flourish like the grain; they shall blossom like the vine; their fame shall be like the wine of Lebanon.” (14:7)

4. CAUSE: “Idols.” (14:8)

5. EFFECT: “I will heal their apostasy; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them. I will be like the dew to Israel; he shall blossom like the lily; he shall take root like the trees of Lebanon; his shoots shall spread out; his beauty shall be like the olive, and his fragrance like Lebanon.” (14:4-6)

6. RECOMMENDATION: “Turn to the Lord.” (14:1)

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