Week #62; Wed, Mar 06: 2 Chronicles 16:1–23:21

1. King Asa’s reliance on other kings (Ben-hadad of Syria) rather than the Lord God was a big mistake.
2. Repeatedly, good and evil were the signs of the rulers that came to the throne of Israel and Judah.
3. The actions of the kings were in the sight of the Lord and he judged them according to his commands and the Law.

2 Chronicles 16, King Asa’s Final Years
1. Asa was confronted by Baasha king of Israel who built Ramah that he might permit no one to go out or come in to Asa king of Judah.
2. Asa’s response was to send silver and gold to Ben-hadad king of Syria to intice him to break his covenant with Baasha so that he would withdraw from his works in Ramah.
3. Ben-hadad listened to King Asa and sent his armies against the cities of Israel.
4. When Baasha heard of it, he stopped building Ramah and let his work cease.
5. Asa used the stones and timbers to build Geba and Mizpah, but Hanani the seer came to Asa and said, “Because you relied on the king of Syria, and did not rely on the Lord your God, the army of the king of Syria has escaped you.”
6. Hanani told Asa that he had done foolishly and that from now on you will have wars; Asa was enraged and put Hanani in stocks in prison.
7. Asa became diseased in his feet and it became severe yet he did not seek the Lord, but sought help from physicians.
8. Asa ruled 41 years and was buried in Jerusalem.

2 Chronicles 17, Jehoshaphat Reigns in Judah
1. Jehoshaphat son of Asa, ruled in Judah and strengthened himself against Israel.
2. Jehoshaphat followed the ways of David; he did not seek the Baals, but sought the God of his father and walked in his commandments, not according to the practices of Israel.
3. Therefore the Lord established the kingdom in his hand; all of Judah brought tribute to Jehoshaphat, and he had great riches and honor.
4. His heart was courageous in the ways of the Lord and he took the high places and the Asherim out of Judah.
5. He sent officials, Levites, and priests to teach the Book of the Law throughout Judah.
6. The fear of the Lord fell on all the kingdoms around Judah; they stopped making war against Judah.
7. Philistines and Arabians brought presents to Jehoshaphat as a tribute increasing his wealth and honor.
8. Jehoshaphat mustered over 1,000,000 soldiers in his service.

2 Chronicles 18, Jehoshaphat Allies with Ahab King of Israel
1. Jehoshaphat used his great riches to create an alliance with Ahab king of Israel.
2. Ahab induced Jehoshaphat to go up against Ramoth-gilead.
3. Jehoshaphat agreed to go with Ahab after inquiring first for the word of the Lord.
4. 400 prophets of Ahab assembled and said to go up for the Lord will give it into the hand of the king.
5. But Jehoshaphat also sought out Micaiah to hear his words but Ahab was unwilling to take the prophecy of Micaiah for he believed his words were evil because of past prophecies.
6. Micaiah said that the other prophets were lying and that the Lord has declared disaster concerning Ramoth-gilead.
7. Micaiah was struck on the cheek by Zedekiah and Ahab had him put in prison and fed bread and water.
8. Ahab died in defeat at Ramoth-gilead after disguising himself during the battle.
9. The Syrians were commanded to fight with only the king of Israel; they believed that to be Jehoshaphat because he wore his robe.
10. Jehoshaphat cried out, and the Lord helped him; God drew the Syrians away from him and pursued Ahab striking him with an arrow and killing him on that day.

2 Chronicles 19, Jehoshaphat’s Reforms
1. Jehoshaphat returned in safety to Jerusalem, but Jehu the seer went out to meet him and said, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Because of this, wrath has gone out against you from the Lord. Nevertheless, some good is found in you, for you destroyed the Asherahs out of the land, and have set your heart to seek God.”
2. Jehoshaphat went out again among the people and brought them back to the Lord, the God of their fathers.
3. He appointed judges in the land telling them they judge not for man but for the Lord who is with you in giving judgment so fear the Lord and be careful what you do.
4. He warned the judges that there is no injustice with the Lord our God, or partiality, or taking bribes.
5. Jehoshaphat appointed Amariah the chief priest over the judges in Jerusalem warning them that they are to judge in the fear of the Lord, in faithfulness, and with their whole heart.

2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat’s Prayer to the Lord God for Deliverance from a Multitude of Enemies
1. The Moabites, Ammonites, and Meunites came against Jehoshaphat for battle and Jehoshaphat gathered all of Judah proclaiming a fast and to seek the Lord in prayer.
2. Jehoshaphat prayed that the Lord God execute judgment on them and protect them.
3. Jahaziel a Levite spoke the Spirit of the Lord that came to him saying not to be afraid for the battle is not yours but God’s.
4. You will not need to fight, go out and stand firm, hold your position and see the salvation of the Lord for he will be with you.
5. Then Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the Lord, worshiping the Lord.
6. They rose early and went out into the wilderness following Jehoshaphat who stood and said for them to believe in the Lord your God and his prophets, and you will be established and succeed.
7. Jehoshaphat instructed some to sing and praise saying, “Give thanks to the Lord, for his steadfast love endures forever.”
8. When they began to sing the enemies destroyed one another before the eyes of the people, none had escaped.
9. It took three days for the people of Judah to take the spoil from the enemies.
10. On the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Beracah to bless the Lord.
11. Then they returned to their homes with great joy, for the Lord had made them rejoice over their enemies.
12. They came to Jerusalem with harps, lyres, and trumpets to the house of the Lord.
13. The fear of God came on all the kingdoms of the countries when they heard that the Lord had fought against the enemies of Israel.
14. So the realm of Jehoshaphat was quiet, for the Lord God gave him rest all around.
15. Jehoshaphat reigned for 25 years in Jerusalem walking in the way of the Lord, yet the high places were not taken away.
16. Jehoshaphat joined with Ahaziah king of Israel after this to build ships to go to Tarshish.
17. Eliezer prophesied against Jehoshaphat saying the Lord will destroy what you have made; the ships were wrecked and not able to go to Tarshish.

2 Chronicles 21, Jehoram Reigns in Judah
1. Jehoram ruled in the place of his father Jehoshaphat who gave him and his brothers great gifts of silver, gold and valuable possessions together with fortified cities in Judah; because Jehoram was the firstborn, he was make king.
2. When Jehoram became king, he killed all his brothers with the sword, and some of the princes of Israel.
3. He walked in the way of the kings of Israel, like Ahab; the daughter of Ahab was his wife.
4. Jehoram reigned for only eight years but he did evil in the sight of the Lord.
5. The Lord was not willing to destroy the house of David, because of the covenant that he had made with David.
6. Edom revolted from the rule of Judah and set up a king of their own, but they were struck down by Jehoram.
7. Jehoram made high places in the hill country of Judah and led the inhabitants of Jerusalem into whoredom and made Judah go astray.
8. Elijah the prophet informed Jehoram that because he had not walked in the ways of Jehoshaphat or Asa, but walked in the way of the kings of Israel and enticed Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem into whoredom, as did the house of Ahab and you have killed your brothers, the Lord will bring a great plague on your people, your children, your wives and all your possessions, and you yourself will have a severe sickness of the bowels daily.
9. The Lord stirred up the Philistines and the Arabians who invaded Judah carrying away all the possessions they found in the king’s house, and also his sons and wives; only Jehoahaz the youngest son was left.
10. Jehoram died in great agony after two years of severe illness of his bowels and he departed with no one’s regret.

2 Chronicles 22, Ahaziah and Athalia Reign in Judah
1. The inhabitants of Jerusalem made Ahaziah (youngest son of Jehoram) king in Judah who reigned for one year doing evil in the sight of the lord for Athaliah (wife of Ahab) his mother was his counselor in doing wickedly.
2. Ahaziah followed their counsel and went with Jehoram the son of Ahab and king of Israel to make war against Hazael king of Syria at Ramoth-gilead.
3. Joram son of Ahab was wounded at Ramoth-gilead by the Syrians; Ahaziah went to see him at Jezreel where he was recovering.
4. Because it was ordained by God that the downfall of Ahaziah should come about through his going to visit Joram, Jehu was there destroying the house of Ahab and he killed Ahaziah (among many others).
5. The house of Ahaziah had no one able to rule the kingdom of Judah so Athaliah his mother arose and destroyed all of the royal house of Judah.
6. Joash son of Ahaziah was spared by Jehoshabeath daughter of King Jehoram who hid him in the house of God for six years while Athaliah ruled Judah.

2 Chronicles 23, Joash Made King
1. Jehoiada the priest said to the commanders, the Levites, the priests, and all the assembly at the house of God, “Behold the king’s son! Let him reign, as the Lord spoke concerning the sons of David.”
2. Jehoiada set all the people as armed guards for the king.
3. Then they brought out the king’s son and put the crown on him and gave him the testimony; they then proclaimed him king.
4. Jehoiada and his sons anointed him, and they said, “Long live the king.”
5. Athaliah went to the house of the Lord to the people who were rejoicing, where she cried, “Treason! Treason!
6. Then Jehoiada the priest brought out the captains saying, “Bring her out between the ranks, and anyone who follows her will be put to the sword.”
7. Athaliah was taken out of the house of the Lord and put to death at the horse gate of the king’s house.
8. Jehoiada made a covenant between himself and all the people and the king that they should be the Lord’s people.
9. All the people then went to the house of Baal and tore it down; his altars and images they broke in pieces.
10. They killed Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars.
11. They brought the king down from the house of the Lord and set him on the royal throne and rejoiced.
12. The city was quiet.

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