Week #57; Wed, Jan 30, 2019, 1 Chronicles 7:1-13:14

1. The genealogy of the descendants from Adam to the written proclamation by Cyrus, king of Persia, is documented in 1st and 2nd Chronicles.
2. Samuel and Kings are confirmed by Chronicles
3. Because of the high number of descendant relationships described in Chronicles from Adam through David, there is value in concentrating on just the names tied to “Bloodline of Christ.”
4. The Gospel also gains reinforcement through following God’s creation of one man through one blood line for all nations; all being descended from Adam (Book by Alfred T. Eade, “The Expanded Panorama Bible Study Course” pertains).
5. See: Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition) for useful charts and maps that highlight the genealogy of Jesus from Adam (with legend on important connections).
6. The dwelling places, pasturelands, and settlements were given borders by tribe.

1 Chronicles 7, Descendants of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, and Asher
1. Four sons descended from Issachar (kinsmen included 87,000 mighty warriors).
2. Three sons descended from Benjamin (kinsmen included 59,434 mighty warriors).
3. Four sons descended from Naphtali.
4. Two sons descended from Manasseh.
5. Four sons descended from Ephraim.
6. Four sons descended from Asher (kinsmen included 26,000 mighty warriors).

1 Chronicles 8, Descendants of Saul
1. Ner was the father of Kish, Kish of Saul, Saul of Jonathan, Malchi-shua, Abinadab and Eshbaal.
2. All these were Benjamites.

1 Chronicles 9, Genealogy of the Returned Exiles and Saul’s Genealogy Revisited
1. Judah was taken into exile in Babylon because of their breach of faith.
2. The first to dwell again in their cities were Israel, the priests, the Levites, and the temple servants.
3. Some of the people of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim, and Manasseh lived in Jerusalem.
4. Ner was the father of Kish, Kish of Saul, Saul of Jonathan, Malchi-shua, Abinadab and Eshbaal.

1 Chronicles 10, The Death of Saul and His Sons
1. Now the Philistines fought against Israel, and the men of Israel fled before the Philistines and fell slain on Mount Gilboa.
2. And the Philistines overtook Saul and his sons, and the Philistines struck down Jonathan and Abinadab and Malchi-shua, the sons of Saul.
3. The archers found Saul and wounded him; Saul said to his armor-bearer, “Draw your sword and thrust me through with it, lest these uncircumcised come and mistreat me.”
4. His armor-bearer would not, so Saul fell upon his own sword and died.
5. The army abandoned their cities and fled and the Philistines came and lived in them.
6. So, Saul died for his breach of faith.
7. He broke faith with the Lord in that he did not keep the command of the Lord, and he also consulted a medium, seeking guidance.
8. He did not seek guidance from the Lord.
9. Therefore, the Lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse.

1 Chronicles 11, David Anointed King; David Takes Jerusalem; and David’s Mighty Men
1. All Israel gathered to David at Hebron saying, “Behold, we are your bone and flesh. In times past, even when Saul was king, it was you who led out and brought in Israel. And the Lord your God said to you, ‘You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over my people Israel.'”
2. All the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron, and David made a covenant with them at Hebron before the Lord.
3. And they anointed David king over Israel, according to the word of the Lord by Samuel.
4. David and all Israel went to Jerusalem where the Jebusites were inhabiting the land.
5. The Jebusites told David, “You will not come in here.”
6. David told all of Israel, “Whoever strikes the Jebusites first shall be chief and commander.”
7. Joab (son of Zeruiah) went up first, so he became chief.
8. David lived in the stronghold and it became known as the city of David; he rebuilt the city and he became greater and greater.
9. There were 30 in David’s mighty men and three were greatest: Jashobeam, Eleazar, and Shammah (2 Samuel 23:11 pertains); Jashobeam was chief of the three.
10. Abishai and Benaiah were also mighty men of the 30 but they did not attain to the three.
11. Note that Uriah the Hittite is listed among the 30 mighty men of David; Uriah’s wife was Bathsheba.

1 Chronicles 12, The Mighty Men Join David
1. Saul’s mighty men joined David at Ziklag; other men came to David to help him until there was a great army, like an army of God.
2. Overall, 340,000 mighty men arrayed in battle order came together to make David king; there was joy in Israel and a three day feast was prepared to mark the unity of Israel under David.

1 Chronicles 13, The Ark Brought from Kiriath-Jearim
1. All the commanders of the assembly were consulted by David and he said to the assembly, “If it seems good to you and from the Lord our God, let us send abroad to our brothers who remain in all the lands of Israel, as well as to the priests and Levites in the cities that have pasturelands, that they may be gathered to us. Then let us bring again the ark of our God to us, for we did not seek it in the days of Saul.”
2. All agreed so David assembled all Israel to bring the ark of God from Kiriath-jearim to Jerusalem.
3. The ark of God is called by the name of the Lord who sits enthroned above the cherubim.
4. They carried the ark of God in a new cart driven by Uzzah and Ahio.
5. David and all Israel were rejoicing before God with all their might, with song and lyres, harps, tambourines, cymbals and trumpets.
6. When they came to the threshing floor of Chidden, the oxen stumbled and Uzzah put out his hand to take hold of the ark.
7. The anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah, and he struck him down because he put out his hand to the ark, and he died there before God.
8. David was very angry but was very afraid of God that day saying, “How can I bring the ark of God home to me?”
9. So David took it aside to the house of Obed-edom the Gittite where it remained for three months.
10. The Lord blessed the household of Obed-edom and all that he had.

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