Week #45; Wed, 11/07/18: 2 Samuel 16:1-20:26

1. After fleeing Jerusalem, David maintained a very strong and effective intelligence network via the sons of the priests and had great support among the people.
2. God continues to watch over the actions of David with protective care.
3. David’s son, Absalom, dies in an unusual manner while in pursuit of his father and his men.

2 Samuel 16: David, Ziba, Shimei, and Absalom
1. In his flight from Jerusalem, David received unexpected support from Ziba, a servant of Mephibosheth, with donkeys, bread, raisins, summer fruits, and a skin of wine.
2. However, Shimei, of the house of Saul, accosted David at Bahurim cursing him and calling him “a man of blood, a worthless man.”
3. David dismissed Shimei, saying to his men, “leave him alone for the Lord may be guiding him to speak harshly of me.”
4. Absalom enters Jerusalem with the people and men of Israel only to be advised by Ahithophel, David’s former counselor, to insult his father, David, in the sight of all Israel by committing lewdness with all ten of David’s concubines that were left behind.
2 Samuel 17: Hushai Saves David
1. Upon Ahithophel’s counsel to Absalom to mount up 12,000 men to strike down David and return his men, Hushai was summoned for advice also.
2. Hushai warned against the counsel of Ahithophel, saying that David is an expert warrior and the men that are with him are valiant men.
3. Instead, Hushai advised that Absalom himself gather men from all of the people of Israel and that Absalom should lead them to strike all of those led by David.
4. The Lord gave support to the counsel of Hushai over Ahithophel so that Absalom may come to harm.
5. But, word got to David of Absalom’s intentions including the appointment of Amasa at the head of the army instead of Joab.
2 Samuel 18: Absalom is Killed
1. David gathered his men with Joab, Abishai, and Ittai in command and sent them out into the field against Israel giving orders to be gentle with Absalom; the commanders insisted that David remain behind for his protection.
2. The men of Israel were defeated by David’s servants who killed 20,000 men at Ephraim with the forest devouring more people than the sword that day.
3. As the battle progressed, Absalom met with his demise while riding his mule that went under a large oak trapping his head in a fork as the mule continued away from the scene.
4. While suspended alive in the oak, Joab ignored David and pierced his heart with three javelins followed by additional death blows from Joab’s armor bearers; the men of Israel under Absalom fled and returned to their homes.
5. Upon hearing that Absalom died in the battle, David heavily grieved the death of his son.
2 Samuel 19: David Rebuked by Joab
1. When Joab learned that David was weeping and mourning, he addressed David saying, arise and speak to all the people to restore them in following him.
2. David returns to Jerusalem and appoints Amasa commander of the army in place of Joab.
3. David pardons his enemies upon crossing the Jordan in route to Jerusalem.
2 Samuel 20: Rebellion by Sheba
1. Upon the declaration of Sheba, a Benjaminite, all the men of Israel withdrew from David and followed him.
2. David called all the men of Judah to pursue Sheba under the command of Amasa; however, Joab killed Amasa in Gibeon with a sword.
3. Joab and Abishai, his brother, took over the role of commander of the army from Amasa to pursue Sheba.
4. Sheba was killed at Abel of Beth-maacah where he was hold up; all of the men following Joab dispersed to their home and Joab returned to Jerusalem to the king.

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