Week #44; Wed, 10/31/18: 2 Samuel 11:1-15:37

1. David and Bathsheba were tied to political ruthlessness by chance (or by plan . . . ?); we need to look at all sides.
2. We should inspect the shared life we have with David and Bathsheba under a lens of blessing and curse.
3. Ongoing conflict with the Ammonites has a thread that traces back to failures to cleanse the inhabitants of the lands since the crossing over the Jordan.
4. The stage sets Israel’s men of war against the Ammonites under the leadership of Joab; it is uncertain why David stayed in Jerusalem while his army was engaged in battle.
5. We know God has told David his son will build him a house (2 Samuel 7:12); Solomon was yet to arrive, but he was destined to show up in God’s time.

2 Samuel 11: David, Bathsheba
1. In the spring of the year, a time when kings went out to battle, David’s army was engaged with the Ammonites while King David remained in Jerusalem for uncertain reasons.
2. One afternoon after napping, David strolled around on his roof and his attention was drawn to a beautiful woman bathing nearby.
3. David sent his servants to inquire about her and later sent others to summons her to his palace.
4. The woman was named Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, the Hittite who was deployed against the Ammonites.
5. Bathsheba became pregnant by David and conceived a son; she later sent David news of her condition.
6. Her condition dictated that it be addressed quickly by David to avert a major scandal that could threaten his kingdom.
7. David sent a message to Joab to have Uriah return home from battle with the Ammonites.
8. Upon dining with David, he was told to go to his home and family; however, Uriah instead did not go home but stayed at the door of the king’s palace with the king’s servants.
9. David learned that another course of action was needed to hide his sin with Bathsheba; he returned him to Joab at the battlefront with a sealed letter describing his own demise.
10. Joab read David’s letter and complied by putting Uriah at the most dangerous point of combat where he died.
11. Joab sent notice to David that Uriah was dead.
12. Following the news of Uriah, Bathsheba lamented over her husband; but, she went to David and became his wife, delivering him a son.
13. However, the Lord was displeased with what David did.
2 Samuel 12: Nathan’s Rebuke
1. The Lord sent Nathan to David saying the story of a little ewe lamb that was misappropriated by a rich man to feed his guest while he had plenty of lambs of his own.
2. David, upon hearing the unfair story, was infuriated and demanded that the man die and restore the lamb fourfold.
3. Nathan, told David, “You are the man!”
4. “The Lord says a sword shall never depart from your house, because you have despised me and have taken the wife of Uriah to be your wife.”
5. Further, “I will raise up evil against you out of your own house and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor.”
6. Although the Lord put away David’s sin, the son born to him will die.
7. David remarked that, “I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.” which is a solid inference that children will go to heaven.
8. Bathsheba conceived again and bore David another son; his name was Solomon (and also Jedidiah).
9. Meanwhile, Joab captured the Ammonite’s royal city of Rabbah and the city of waters.
10. Upon Joab’s news, David went to Rabbah taking the crown of gold and jewels from the kings head to wear, along with a great amount of spoils.
11. The people were also brought out and set to labor for David and the Israelites.
2 Samuel 13: Amnon and Tamar
1. At the crafty suggestion of Jonadab, Amnon set about to lustfully pursue Tamar, his sister and Absalom’s sister.
2. After he succeeded, he despised Tamar and shamed her.
3. As Absalom learned of Tamar’s distress and disgrace, he plotted to kill Amnon which was accomplished two years later during a feast near Ephraim.
4. When David learned what Absalom did to Amnon, he wept very bitterly.
5. Absalom fled and went to Talmai in Geshur for three years while David was left in mourning.
2 Samuel 14: Return of Absalom
1. Joab conspired with a woman to have her pretend to be in mourning and give a false account to the king; however, it backfired when the woman revealed the plot.
2. As David learned of the plot, he commanded Joab to go back to Absalom and bring him back to Jerusalem to live in his own house but not to come into the presence of David.
3. Joab followed David’s command and Absalom lived in his own house but did not come into the presence of David.
4. Absalom was a handsome man having three sons and one daughter named Tamar, a beautiful woman.
5. Absalom stayed out of the presence of the king for three years and then sought an audience via Joab.
6. David kissed Absalom when he came into his presence.
2 Samuel 15: Absalom conspires with the people
1. Absalom appealed to the people in public to become a judge in the land, promising justice.
2. Absalom displayed public affection to all those who came to him for judgment and thus stealing the hearts of the men of Israel.
3. After four years, Absalom sought to go to Hebron to pay homage for a vow he alleged and David granted Absalom this request.
4. The people with Absalom kept increasing until it was reported to David that the hearts of the men of Israel have gone after Absalom.
5. David and his men departed Jerusalem.
6. Hushai, the Archite followed David out to the Mount of Olives, pleading to go along with him; however, David asked him to return to Jerusalem and serve Absalom getting word and providing it to David.

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