Week #40; Wed, 10/03/18: 1 Samuel 15:1-19:24


1. The Lord exacts harsh judgment over details regarding completion of His commandments.
2. Lack of attention to details can be costly if not performed in accordance with the word of the Lord.
3. The linage of Christ is clear as it can be as the kingdom moves forward.
4. The Lord upholds those that come in His name, even while facing giants.


1 SAMUEL 15: Saul rejected
1. When the Lord instructed Samuel to inform Saul to defeat the Amalekites, Saul did so; but, he did not totally destroy everything that God commanded him.
2. The Lord said to Samuel, “I regret that I have made Saul king, for he has turned back from following me and has not performed my commandments.”
3. Saul even built a monument for himself in Carmel thinking he had performed his mission successfully.
4. However, Saul overlooked the fact that the Lord considered Saul’s omissions as rebellion, presumption, and rejection of the word of the Lord. 5. Samuel informs Saul that the Lord has rejected him from being king because he rejected the word of the Lord.
6. Saul confessed to Samuel that he sinned through transgression of the Lord’s word because he feared the people and obeyed their voice.
7. Even when Saul asked for pardon, he was rejected by Samuel and not seen again until the day of his death.

1 SAMUEL 16: David anointed
1. The Lord told Samuel to fill his horn with oil, to take a heifer for sacrifice, and go to Jesse in Bethlehem for “I have provided for myself a king among his sons.”
2. Samuel was told to pass by all of Jesse’s sons until only David was left but was not present at the sacrifice since he was attending to the sheep.
3. When David was brought up to Samuel and Jesse, he was anointed as king and given the Spirit of the Lord for the Lord looked into his heart and it was right.
4. The Spirit of the Lord also departed from Saul and he was given a harmful spirit to torment him.
5. Saul’s servants sought out a skillful player of the lyre to soothe him when he was in torment; David was selected and he also became Saul’s armor bearer.
6. When David played for Saul, it gave Saul relief from the harmful spirit.

1 SAMUEL 17: Goliath, the giant Philistine
1. When the Philistines gathered for battle against Israel, Saul gathered his army in the Valley of Elah where they met on line.
2. Out of the camp of the Philistines came a mighty giant warrior named Goliath of Gath who daily challenged the men of Israel to send out a man to fight to the death to determine a winner between them and a winner for the overall opponents.
3. After 40 days of this challenge, David heard Goliath’s battle cry and asked, “What shall be done for the man who kills the Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel?”
4. The king had pledged to enrich the man who kills Goliath with great riches, give him his daughter, and make his father’s house free in Israel.
5. David convinced Saul to let him fight Goliath by stating that he had killed lions and bears while attending sheep; David did not even accept Saul’s armor.
6. David took his staff, 5 smooth stones, his sling, and a shield bearer as he went out to face Goliath.
7. Goliath cursed David by his gods and showed him disdain while David told him, “I come in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defiled.”
8. Goliath was felled by a rock from David’s sling and David cut off Goliath’s head using Goliath’s own sword; the Philistines fled at the fall of their champion.
9. Saul brought David to him to inquire about his father while David was still holding the head of Goliath.
10. David put Goliath’s armor in his tent.

1 SAMUEL 18: Friendship between David and Jonathan
1. Jonathan and David’s soul were knit together in a covenant.
2. Jonathan gave David his own robe and his armor.
3. David became successful in war wherever Saul sent him, so Saul set him over the men of war.
4. David was good in the sight of the people.
5. Saul became jealous of David when he heard the songs of the women when returning from war–“Saul has struck down his thousands, and David his ten thousands.”
6. Saul eyed David from that day on thinking of what Samuel said about his kingdom.
7. The next day the harmful spirit entered Saul, and while David was playing his lyre, Saul hurled his spear at David but he evaded it twice.
8. Saul knew that the Lord was with David, so he removed David from his presence and made him commander of a thousand.
9. David also married Saul’s daughter Michal and not Merab who should have been given to him.

1 SAMUEL 19: Saul attempts to kill David
1. Saul sought his son, Jonathan, and his servants to kill David, but Jonathan told David of his fathers intent.
2. Jonathan sought Saul’s intent directly and Saul relented promising not to kill David.
3. Jonathan brought David to Saul and he was in his presence as before; however, there was war again with the Philistines dictating David go out and fight them.
4. A harmful spirit came upon Saul when David returned home from war and he again turned his spear on David to kill him.
5. But, David’s wife, Michal encouraged David to escape and she let him down through a window so he could flee and escape; Michal told Saul’s servants that David was sick in bed when they came to take him to Saul.
6. Saul sent messengers to Ramah three times and each group failed to recover David, so he went to Ramah himself; he also failed to recover David and he began to prophesy like the three groups he sent.

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