Week #37; Wed, 9/12/18: Judges 20:01-Ruth 4:22

PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS: 400,000 men on foot that drew the sword came together as one from the tribes of Israel against the tribe of Benjamin over the evil done by the “worthless fellows” at Gibeah, a possession of Benjamin. In Ruth we see how this book records part of the life line and linage of Christ and became Cannon with the other 65 books of the Bible.

JUDGES 20: Internal war in Israel against the tribe of Benjamin
1. Israel goes to war with Benjamin with outrage over the abomination done by the leaders in Gibeah to the Levite and his concubine.
2. The abomination by the leaders in Gibeah resulted in 400,000 men of war being gathered up from Israel saying, “None of us will go to his tent, and none of us will return to his house.”
3. The men of Israel said, “We will go up against Gibeah of Benjamin by lot, taking 10 men of 100 throughout the tribes of Israel; 100 of 1,000 and 1,000 of 10,000 will bring provisions for the people.”
4. The tribes of Israel sent messengers through all the tribe of Benjamin demanding that they give up the worthless fellows in Gibeah that they may be put to death and purge evil from Israel.
5. The Benjaminites would not turn over the evil men of Gibeah and they came out of their cities to Gibeah with 26,000 men to do battle against the people of Israel.
6. 700 men also came out of Gibeah to join the men of Benjamin; they were all left handed and could sling a stone at a hair and not miss.
7. The men of Israel went up to Bethel to seek guidance from God who shall go up first to fight Benjamin; Judah was chosen by God to go up first.
8. Over 3 days of battle, Israel lost 30,030 men even though they were sent up by God; however, on the third day, the men of Israel set up an ambush with all of their men of war and defeated Benjamin’s 25,600 men.
9. All men (and women as described below) and beasts, were destroyed; the towns of Benjamin were set on fire.

JUDGES 21: Remaining Survivors of Benjamin lack wives
1. One tribe of Israel could now potentially be cut off since the survivors of Benjamin had no wives.
2. After offering up a burnt offering and a peace offering, the people of Israel searched for any that did not come up in the assembly to the Lord at Mizpah.
3. Jabesh-gilead did not come to the assembly at Mizpah to go against Benjamin so they were all put to death (except 400 virgins) by 12,000 men of the people of Israel.
4. Upon making peace with the remaining Benjaminite’s at Rimmon; the people of Israel gave them the 400 women whom they saved alive of the women of Jabesh-gilead.
5. However, the 400 virgins were not enough for the surviving Benjaminites, but no more were available because of the oath the people of Israel took not to provide wives to Benjamin.
6. So, at a yearly feast of the Lord at Shiloh, the surviving Benjaminites were told by the elders of the congregation to go and lie in ambush to snatch one of the daughters of Shiloh that comes out to dance.
7. The men of Benjamin did so and returned to their inheritance to rebuild the towns and live in them; the people of Israel also departed to their inheritance.

RUTH 1: Naomi becomes widowed
1. A famine came in the days of Judges making a man of Bethlehem named Elimelech take his family to search for food in Moab.
2. Elimelech’s wife was Naomi; his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion.
3. When Elimelech died in Moab, his sons took Moabite wives named Orpah and Ruth, but the sons also died leaving their wives with Naomi.
4. Upon discovering that food was available in Judah, Naomi set out to return home, but Orpah declined yet Ruth remained with Naomi.
5. Ruth embraced Naomi and the God of Israel; they set out for Bethlehem arriving at the beginning of wheat and barley harvest.

RUTH 2: Boaz, a relative of Elimelech
1. Naomi’s husband was a relative of a worthy man named Boaz, who owned part of a barley field that was being gleaned.
2. Ruth set out to glean after the reapers where she came upon Boaz’s field.
3. Boaz told Ruth to glean in his field only and to follow his reapers while telling his young men not to touch her and provide her with drink.
4. Ruth asked Boaz why he was so generous to her and he replied that he was aware of her plight while remaining loyal to Naomi.
5. Boaz was generous to Ruth and protected her saying you have chosen to come under the wings of the Lord, God of Israel even as a foreigner.
6. Ruth returned to Naomi and told her about Boaz and his kindness and generosity.
7. Naomi told Ruth that Boaz is a close relative, one of our redeemers.
NOTE: This is a key link to the blood line of Christ and the basis for the book of Ruth being placed in the Cannon.

RUTH 3: The threshing floor
1. Naomi sent Ruth to Boaz one evening at the threshing floor where he was winnowing barley so he could tell her what to do regarding his role as a redeemer.
2. Ruth presented herself to Boaz as a woman desiring to be his servant.
3. Boaz informed Ruth she was a worthy woman and that although he was a redeemer, there was one who is a redeemer nearer than him.
4. Boaz told Ruth if the nearest redeemer would not redeem her, he would redeem her.
5. Boaz told Ruth to tell no one that she had visited him at the threshing floor during the evening hours; he gave her 6 measures of barley to take with her as she departed before daylight.
6. When Ruth told Naomi the outcome of her visit to Boaz, she told Ruth to be patient for now knowing that Boaz would settle the matter with the first redeemer that day.

RUTH 4: Boaz redeems Ruth and they marry
1. Boaz meets the first redeemer at the gate where he took 10 elders of the city indicating to them that Naomi is selling a parcel of land (including Ruth, the Moabite) that belonged to Elimelech.
2. Upon hearing that the parcel of land up for redemption included Ruth, the first redeemer decline his rights and deferred his rights to Boaz.
3. So, Boaz claimed his right to Naomi’s parcel of land, including Ruth, and the matter was attested to by the elders.
4. Then Boaz took Ruth as his wife and a son was born to perpetuate the linage of Elimelech in Israel.
5. Naomi became a nurse to their son for all of her remaining days in Israel.

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