Week #18; Wed, May 02: Lev. 24:1–Num. 1:54

CHAPTER 24–From evening to morning the lamp stand of pure gold will be kept burning with pure oil from beaten olives before the Lord. Bread in two piles of six loafs are to be set on the table of pure gold before the Lord for Aaron and his sons. Whoever blasphemes the Name shall be stoned to death. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, applied to the Israelite as well as a sojourner.

CHAPTER 25–The land is to be rested in the seventh year (the Sabbath Year). The Year of Jubilee was observed every 50th year where liberty was proclaimed throughout the land to all its inhabitants where property was returned to each. The poor were provided support as though he were a stranger and a sojourner and taken in to live not as a slave but a hired servant until the year of jubilee.

CHAPTER 26–A promise of blessing is due when the Lord’s statutes and commandments are observed and done, rains will be provided in their season, the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Enemies will fall and wild animals will not molest and the Lord will live among His people. But failure to obey and observe will result in a wide array of punishment to include being scattered among the nations making the cities desolate. But if they turn and obey His statutes, the Lord will keep His covenants that He made to their ancestors on Mount Sinai.

CHAPTER 27–Vows had their own set of laws which included the valuation of persons (Over 60? Note that your value drops). Things devoted to the Lord cannot be sold.

NUMBERS 1–The census of Israel’s warriors results in totals for each of the 12 tribes that exceed 603,550 overall.

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