Week #2; Wed, 1/10/18: Genesis 9:1-17:27

NOTE: It appears these topics give “pause” for much deeper thought. Please boost where led to post a comment.

Genesis 9:1 related to no restrictions on what to eat. RESTRICTIONS PROBABLY COME LATER.

Genesis 10:5 versus 11:1 on one or more languages used. PERHAPS ONLY THE PEOPLE OF BABEL HAD THEIR LANGUAGE CONFUSED AMONG THEM ONLY

Genesis 12:1 “Go.” leading to 15:18 on the boundaries of Israel. GOD’S INTENT APPEARS TO BE FIXED ON THESE LOCATIONS.

Genesis 16, 17, and 18 related to the two covenants with Abram pertaining to Ishmael and Isaac. IT APPEARS THE ORIGINAL DIVISIONS REMAIN TODAY

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