Week #1; Wed, 1/03/18: Genesis 1:1-8:22

NOTE: It appears these topics give “pause” for much deeper thought. Please boost where led to post a comment.

Genesis 1:3 and 1:14 related to “lights” on the 1st day and the 4th day (potentially duplicity of events or grandeurs of thought). LOOKS LIKE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF THE HEAVENS PERTAIN

Genesis 2:10 related to the river flowing out of Eden that divided into four (directional flow of water pertaining to today’s map). LOOKS LIKE A TRANSLATION CLARIFICATION MAY BE NEEDED ON THE FLOW OF WATER. I BELIEVE ALL FOUR RIVERS FLOW INTO THE PERSIAN GULF.

Genesis 3:1 related to Isaiah 14:14 related to “The Fall” (early arrival of Lucifer). LUCIFER APPEARS TO LURKING AROUND TO DISRUPT THE SETTING AS HE DID IN HEAVEN WHEN DEFEATED BY GABRIEL AND MICHAEL.

Genesis 4:7 related to Cain (Cain must “rule” over sin). STRIKES ME AS HOPELESS GIVEN LUCIFER IS ROAMING LOOSE FOR SOMEONE TO DEVOUR.

Genesis 6:1 related to the Nephilim and the sons of God (corruption on the earth and potential false gods leading to God’s sorrow for creating humans) IF READ AS FALSE GODS, THEN I CAN TRACK IT.

Genesis 7:2 related to “seven” pairs of all clean animals aboard the ark (for sacrifice) SEVEN PAIRS VERSUS A SINGLE PAIR WOULD APPEAR TO GIVE A SPECIAL PURPOSE TO THESE ANIMALS, PERHAPS FOR SACRIFICES ONCE LANDED

2 thoughts on “Week #01; Wed, 1/03/18: Genesis 1-8

  1. Per 2:10, the size of Eden may have been very large. If so, the rivers could have flowed “out” of Eden. Still, this is a difficult read when looking at the lay of the land. A

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